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Ray of Light Foundation

About Ray Of Light Foundation

Ray of Light Foundation is founded by a social work student Pulkit Bhatt in the year 2014.

During his course curriculum & field visits, He founded and came across many unaddressed issues.

He voluntarily worked for three years to identify issues, after which he registered NGO in 2014 supported by many youths.

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  • Dr. Soham Dholakia

    The only way to do great work is to love what you doing totally. Being the supporter of Ray of Light Foundation I found them very dedicated and willing to work round the clock. May God give more strength to the team to spread more light to all those who need it.

    Dr. Soham Dholakia
  • Mr. Nikunj Patel

    Ray of light foundation is the NGO which works for all living beings 365 days around the corner , it's the NGO which keeps on doing different activities on very frequent basis on different topics to educate the people on animal rescue, adoption, animal care, environment, etc they have a very good team of experienced and dedicated people. I salute them for their work and ready to help them out whenever they need me.

    Mr. Nikunj Patel


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