krupa animal shelter

Krupa Animal Adoption Center Objective: To provide shelter and treatment to injured and abandoned animals.

We see a huge number of animals left abandoned on the street, some of them are also injured and still left to fight for their survival themselves. Here at Krupa Animal Adoption Center, we rescue such animals and provide treatment and give them shelter until they recover totally.

We treat such victims and help them to find a family to adopt them and give them the love which they deserve.

Many cruelty cases have also been encountered where the stray animals have been brutally beaten up for no sin. This proves that yes we do have “ DEMONS” who try to overpower the innocent animals and cause them serious damage for no reason.

Major cases here are of abandoned cows which get old and are no longer more profitable and thus left on the streets.


Krupa Animal Adoption Center

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3 thoughts on “Krupa Animal Adoption Center

  1. You are doing great job….I would love to join you guys and would love to become a part of your organisation….keep doing the good work.

  2. Very good writeup. I read your blog site pretty regularly, and you are always coming up with some decent staff.
    I shared this post on my Tumblr, and my followers
    loved it. Cheers.

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